BBNaija 2019 Update – Esther And Frodd “Situationship”

It is no longer news that Frodd once made it known to Esther that he liked her and wanted them to be a little more than friends. But Esther who didn’t feel the same way turned his request down…

They have kept their distance away from each other for a while now due to Esther’s closeness to Nelson but, yesterday there was a reconciliation and this led to several reactions from fans of the show.

Big Brother gave the housemates, a task yesterday, to show kindness to the person whose name they picked and to them according to what was written in the paper! (Read it here)

Esther was fortunate enough to have picked Frodd’s name and she was required to be a friend and advice him on what she feels like…She told Frodd with a smile on her face to always go for what he wants regardless of how it is!…for real!

Act Of Kindness Shown By Other Housemates

“You should always go after what you want, whether you get it or not.”

Could it be that she’d love to have Frodd back because Venita is now in the mix or she said those things because it was required of her for the purpose of the task? One thing is sure, she didn’t behave the way her friends (Power puff girls) in the house would have loved for her to! Maybe, truly, she likes Frodd but needed a little more attention from him! Who knows?

Venita is not cool with this new Frodd and she complained about the situation to Mercy!!.

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