BBNaija 2019 Update – Emotions Of The Lost Wager

The Icons won the wager for the second time and Biggie had earlier announced to the housemates that the losing team will be punished for their loss. Unfortunately for the Cruisetopia, they lost!

They all left the arena and some members from team Icons were left to console their partners from the rival team but they really weren’t in the mood.

Mercy couldn’t hide how she really felt about losing for the second time and when Ike tried to talk to her, she asked for her space.

The Cruisetopia team held a meeting to talk about what had gone wrong in their group and make corrections for future purpose…a lot was said.

It really didn’t feel like Esther turned a year older as she was consumed with lots of emotions that let to tears and when Frodd tried to talk to her, just like Mercy, she also asked for her space…can you really blame them, Ike and Frodd are from team Icons!!!

Diane didn’t spare Jackye from her words as she constantly blamed Jackye for not listening to ideas from others but would rather knock it off because she felt it was a bad idea.

Esther finally got a cake from Biggie to celebrate her birthday but it just didn’t feel like it. From Tacha overshadowing her on her birthday to celebrate her(Tacha) lover’s birthday, to losing their wager…tons of emotions filled the air. Khafi did her best to cheer Gedoni up!!

This morning after the morning exercise, Biggie asked them to freeze while the Ninjas walked into the house to trash everywhere…the whole house turned into a mess to serve as a punishment to team cruisetopia for their loss at the challenge. Tacha was asked to join Cruisetopia in cleaning because she didn’t freeze as the others did. They were told to make the house sparkle again.

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