BBNaija 2019 Update – Early Morning Feud And HOH Challenge / Winner

If there’s anything that is always a problem in the house, it is food!

Surprising but true, and Ebuka had to ask them the question yesterday because it is now a major problem and if not properly handled by the housemates, it could cause a bigger problem…

Venita is one and first of the new housemate to enter the house last week Tuesday and has since proved that she is not scared to say whatever to whoever in the house.

Today started quiet but Venita who was obviously irritated on how the housemates waste food decided to make a loud noise about it and this time, Seyi was at the fire front on the issue…whats with Seyi and the kitchen?

Tacha and Seyi seem to have formed an alliance in the house and whatever is done to one is also done to the other according to what we saw from Saturday tantrums. Venita who was outside with Enkay and Mercy went inside to confirm what she heard about the Spaghetti being a waste because of Seyi. She told Seyi who was quietly sitting at the dinning that himself, Tacha, Mercy and Frodd should have a meeting because they are the ones always in the kitchen, so as to talk about how food will be cooked this week so as there won’t be any waste but Tacha wasn’t having any of that as she told Venita to count her out of such a meeting and to also stop mentioning her name! Venita walked out of the Kitchen back to Mercy and Enkay saying that, people who are loud think that’s what makes them hard…

Mercy suggested they have a meeting on the kitchen rules because they lost their wager and food might not be enough if they continue like this…Diane went to tell Esther who was angry with the statement and said nobody can tell her what she can or can’t cook as both ladies matched to the kitchen to prep what to cook!!

The head of the house challenge started and after a long try from all housemates, Seyi emerged the winner of this week’s HOH and surprisedly, he chooses Esther to share the room with him!

Why not Tacha???

Congratulations Seyi!!

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