BBNaija 2019 Update – Comedy Night

Tonight featured the kings and queen of the comedy industry and the pepper dem gang came through with lots of funny skits and great talents.

They were given a wager task earlier in the day to prepare for the comedy presentation and they had lots of time to practice. They were however kept in the dark that they’ll be having guests later in the day and that they had to make their guests laugh.

The housemates were quite sure and confident that they were ready and biggie will be impressed. They each took turns in the diary room and as expected, they had different things to tell biggie but they all agreed that the guests that have been to the house have literally blown their minds and they are grateful to biggie for the pleasure to meet them.

Biggie told Frodd during his diary session that, he will be called upon in a few days to make use of his ultimate veto power one more time and Frodd was grateful to biggie to have told him on time so he can prepare himself on what to do.

Finally, it was time for the show and they had a surprise from biggie which was the guests that came and the food provided for them.

They started their performance and it was really good as their guests were clearly impressed and they won their wager as well.

How do you think Frodd will use his ultimate veto power? Share your thoughts with us in the comment session.


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