BBNaija 2019 Update – Burying The Hatchet

In the garden, was Tacha and Mike talking about Tacha’s attitude and the kind of energy she brings into the house, for 4 hours. Both housemates took turns to explain how each one has been misunderstood.

It is much more than we saw after Saturday’s Night Party because a lot was revealed last night. Tacha decision to straighten out issues with Mike was the best way to go and Mike kept it real with her.

She opened up to Mike on his perception about her and told him that, it is unfair for him to tell her to be someone she’s not. She warned Mike about some housemates playing the reunion card and, adding that it’s a strategy and told Mike to ask Seyi if he has doubts. Mike told her that, he feels, she’s been judging him on staying true to his marriage, since their first day and also thinking he was just a regular guy.

He added that the more he tried to understand her, the more difficult she became. But was filled with appreciation to her, for coming to him to iron things out. “I apologize for the misunderstanding, I hope you appreciate my honesty.”

The other housemates are concerned about Seyi and Tacha’s return to the house as Mercy, Diane and Khafi discussed in the closet about them. Mercy said she sense trouble in the house as both fake evicted housemates have returned, and Khafi said, they have been like robots since their return.

Frodd and Ike had their own discussion about the said issue and Frodd who was quick to comment added that he sensed Seyi felt betrayed by the other housemates and he is not hiding it and added that, the compliment he got from Tacha yesterday, was staged. However, he said; “I felt Tacha was compelled to say those words to me especially as she’s not known to be friendly.”

Ike was concerned about his old habits coming back to him, but wasn’t specific on what habit he was talking about! Could it be Tacha? because he once hinted on his likeness for Tacha……Will the gangster love sink? Let’s keep watching.

Still, on relationships, Nelson feels threatened to see Esther with Frodd and plans to confront Frodd while promising to make him cry! I guess frodd’s emotion is his weakness……Sorry man!

Gedoni and Mike also talked about Seyi and the cold shoulder he’s been giving them since his return.

Omashola who is known for his way of saying how he feels about something brought up the topic of the reduction of condom in the house and wondered how the condoms have been technically developing wings and flying into thin air. The housemates laughed it off.

Biggie gave them a task for tonight, themed “Back to School.” They are required to take a trip down memory lane by re-enacting things that happened when they were in secondary school.

Will they pull it off??

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