BBNaija 2019 Update – Big Brother’s Wrath

Just when the housemates were beginning to get emotional with tears all over the place, you’d think Biggie would wait to ensure that they were in the right state of mind to handle what he was to unleash on them, but No, he treated their disobedience to his rules accordingly!

After the HOH challenge and the Nomination challenge that got Sir Dee in tears for failing his team, Biggie gave the Pepper Dem housemates a little time to digest their feelings and get over it a little before he addressed all they had done in the house that was acts of provocations.

Biggie didn’t want to be seen like he was making things up, he had them gather in the lounge after which, he played what some of the housemates had done prior to that day.

When done making them watch the video, he called out the names of the housemates he was to punish. Ike was given his second strike for almost instigating a fight with Seyi after one of the Saturday Night Party. If he gets up to three strikes, he’d be disqualified automatically from the game.

Mercy was reprimanded for destroying the Oppo Mobile Phone when she was dared by Gedoni. No strike was given but was warned never to destroy any of Big Brother properties again because the consequence will be bad.

Joe got his first strike from Biggie for provoking an already agitated person, Tacha. It was seen as an act of provoking a fellow housemate that would have led to being physical if there was no intervention from other housemates.

Tacha got her first strike for breaking most of the rules and she got a stern warning from Biggie especially, to mind her language and not get physical with people. She was shown where she got into a war of words with Frodd, tissue she threw at Mike and when she hit Joe’s hand off her duvet(acts of violence). Biggie saw these acts as a provocation and warned her to be careful!

It was a bad day for team Icons as most of their team members found themselves on Biggie’s strike list and they are all up on nomination for possible eviction with Joe from Crusietopia.

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