#BBNaija 2019 Update – Big Brother Addresses The Housemates Over Lost Wager

Yesterday, Big Brother addressed the issues in the house after the ‘pepper dem’ housemates lost their wager and for breaking the rules of the game. Biggie was not happy because the housemates did not take their wager presentation seriously and how concerned they were were on viewers/fans perception about them.

He accused Thelma , Diane and Sir Dee of speaking different Nigerian dialects in the house and also accused them of acting for the cameras amd not been true and real in the house which is the reason they haven’t put their egos away.

Big Brother who was obviously angry from the way he addressed the housemates, and was unable to bottle all in, he gave the housemates a very low mark for their drama presentation which happened to be their task for the day and also issued them a stern warning by urging them to be serious with the activities of the house.

Yesterday was a day side aside to warnings as Big Brother continued talking in anger, he told the housemates to stop focusing on the camera, seeking unnecessary attention, viewers perception on them and talking about their diary sessions with their fellow housemates. He added that, he would have hired actors of that is what he wanted the housemates to do on the house.

According to Big Brother;

some of you cannot adhere to simple house rules. Diary session conversations are meant to be private but you keep discussing it with your fellow housemates and also discus what you think the viewers might like.”

After all the warnings from Big Brother to the housemates, they lost the wager for the week which is a reminder for the housemates to do better in the coming weeks.

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