BBNaija 2019 Update – Angry Mercy Smashes Oppo Phone At The Party

Last night’s party was the first of it’s kind to be seen from the Pepper Dem Gang and I was on my feet with them…..thanks to DJ Kaywise for the non-stop music!!

Oppo phone is Big Brother’s property, which he handed two of it over to the housemates to record with. Capturing every moment at the Saturday Night Parties. That, they have done since the first party…

The housemates brought in their “A Game” couple with how good looking they were, they also tried every dance step they possibly could come up with and took turns in showcasing their moves on the dance floor…… I just didn’t want the party to end!

The drinks kept flowing and they kept drinking, maybe that is where the new confidence came from last night because something did change in them!!

Just when the party was getting hotter, Diane got drunk and had to take it easy on the dance floor. So, she sat down while the other housemates checked in on her but Mercy was the one who took total charge of ensuring she was ok and sat with her all through.

Things went south so quickly as Mercy changed it for Gedoni! Herself and Diane were both recorded first by Ike, and Mercy was displeased about it and he deleted it due to Diane’s condition at the time. Unknown to Gedoni that Mercy had earlier told Ike not to make a video of her and Diane, he came along to record them which Mercy objected to and she became confrotational. She promised to smash the phone if he continues to do so….come on girl, don’t let anger get the best part of you!

A much angrier Gedoni, handed the phone over to Mercy to carry out her earlier threat which she did and that was how the party I was proud of for the first time in four weeks, ended on a sad note😩😩

The party came to a close at 11 PM and both housemates alongside others, went inside the house to explain to who was available to listen to them complain, it went no and on!!! Mercy was more concerned about getting a strike from Biggie and Gedoni was afraid for the same thing.

Will Biggie have them do any punishment for their action if eventually, they survive today’s eviction which will be happening LIVE today at 7 PM with Ebuka as host.

DJ Kaywise will be live on stage alongside a guest artiste, Ycee.

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