BBNaija 2019 Update – Aftermath Of The AfterParty

It is not a complete Saturday party without the quarrel that follows after and that is what makes the party more interesting because the alcohol acts as a much needed truth serum.

The wager loss by team legends to the enigma was paid for through house cleaning punishment by big brother. The legends still feel bad for what had happened to them and that was the basis of what happened between Mercy and Venita after the party.

Diane told Mercy about the conversation she heard about the punishment given to the legends was suggested by Mercy. Surprised by what she heard. She confronted Venita as to why she would tell Khafi such.

Venita was taken aback by the statement and felt bad that Mercy doubted her loyalty and kept asking Mercy why she’d even think that. It turned into a case of question and answer. When Khafi was asked in the presence of Venita she repeated that it was what she was told by Venita.

Judging the issue later in the garden, Frodd insisted that Khafi has taken to gossip in recent times and when Mercy who had earlier called Khafi a “low budget Tacha who is trying to migrate from wall gecko to agama lizard” in her discussion with Diane tried defending Khafi, Frodd insisted that Khafi slandered Venita to Mercy which could have been avoided.

After a little back and forth, they went in hard with a big argument.

Two or more housemates will be evicted from the house today. Who do you think is going home?


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