BBNaija 2019 Update – A Reward For Obidence

Big Brother has ways of punishing the housemates and rewarding them as well.

Last week Saturday, the housemates had the Innoson Motor Challenge and the victory went to Khafi who held the ribbon up high.

Before the win for Khafi, biggie instructed the housemates on the rules to winning the IVM Fox. First, they each made a speech on what makes them proudly Nigerian but that wasn’t the determinant for the winner.

Biggie had each housemate hold on to a ribbon attached to the car and they were told to hold it upright in a steady position and with the provision of certain distractions, the housemate didn’t want to let go but most of them came to the conclusion of leaving it for charity with the exception of Khafi, Cindy, Jackye and Mercy.

Unable to hold the ribbon in a steady position, Mercy, Cindy and Jackye were asked to go sit down respectively, leaving Khafi as the winner.

Biggie had a reward for obedience and due to Jackye’s eviction last week Sunday, she was excluded from the reward. Khafi, Cindy and Mercy had a spa treatment and they also saw a movie on showmax.

Biggie didn’t stop there as he made the other housemates watch how obedience can in most cases lead to enjoyment.

The theme is Pepper Dem and biggie uses every means necessary to ensure Pepper is seen.

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