BBNaija 2019 Update – A Fight About Alcohol

Is there a day that goes by without the Pepper Dem Housemates arguing over food or drinks?? Not really!

This week has been a bit difficult for most of the housemates and the house divided into two groups is not helping because shades are thrown over petty things and most times, uncalled for.


The housemates had their Bet9ja Arena Games and as it’s always been, it is a show of speed and sometimes, strength. Biggie divided them into three teams regardless of the general division but it was a fair game considering that members of the general division(Icons & Cruisetopia) were paired together in one team for the arena game.

After several attempts, the last team(team3) won the game and were rewarded with a 100 Bet9ja coins each! Frodd, Mike, Jackye, Esther, Mercy and Ike.

Biggie all commended the efforts they put into their wager presentation and individually acknowledged the confidence of Venita, Joe, Enkay, Frodd and Elozonam. As a reward, they had a stock of drinks courtesy of Big Brother, to rejoice with.


As the drinks kept coming, the housemates were excited to have something to relax with while they have a chat in their various corners. But Frodd was monitoring how the drinks came in, noticed how Venita and Jackye took some away to the room. Considering how Seyi condemned that practise during his(Frodd) HOH tenure, Frodd demanded the two housemates bring them back because Seyi didn’t say anything.

Seyi was agitated over the tone at which Frodd used and went further to confront him but things escalated quickly as Frodd didn’t let Seyi intimidate him for no reason. Other housemates tried to settle this feud but Frodd was ready to let it all out. Seyi who is always ready to talk about his family’s lineage brought it up again when he told Frodd that he is from a wealthy family and he can’t he fight over drinks. The new confident Frodd didn’t let that bother him as he reminded Seyi that he would have remained in his house instead of competing for the 60 million with them.


After the rift between these two, they calmed down a little, the housemates settled to play their favourite game, “Truth or Dare”. As they continued with the fun, Mike dared Seyi to hug Frodd for 20secs and that was how the two housemates settled.

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