Banky W Promises One More Album for 2020

Banky W

Who else misses Banky W the singer? Yes, those metaphorical hands show that the former house of reps candidate is still much appreciated in some circles.

We might know him more as an actor and politician now, but Banky W is arguably a legend of the music industry churning out hit after hit (do not say parte after parte)

The singer has now announced that we should be getting something next year and the excitement is palpable.

It all started thanks to a Tweet from a fan who said they missed his singing (he deserves an award) and Banky W responded that due to that positive reinforcement, he would look to release something next year.

The fan wrote: “Who else misses @BankyW the singer? I love @BankyW the actor, the politician, the activist but please sir still give us music. 🙏 If you don’t want to do again, for goodness sake can you just make even if its one song a year, just one☝️ 😢”

Responding to this generous tweet, the singer said: “😩🤦🏽‍♂️❤Okay.. I’m gonna do at least one more album, in 2020. Not sure if there are too many ppl who feel the same as you do, but thanks for this. I appreciate it.”

As you can imagine, this tweet has now gone viral with many users bemoaning some of the more…unrefined music they have been subjected to nowadays.

One user hailed the announcement and asked for mentorship, “How i wish you could be my mentor. How i wish i could take over from where you stopped. 😪😪😪 musician like you are rear in the music industry. Let that music speaks in 2020 @BankyW”

Another user totally buttered the singer up saying: “You’re the OG of soul music in Nigeria and Africa. You defined that whole genre.vMake no mistake sir, we love you and what you stand for. You have given us lots of great love songs and were grateful for that. We’ll be blessed to have another album from you.”

We would be thrilled to hear something from Banky W, 2020 can’t come quickly enough.


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