BamBam and Teddy A Serve Us Dazzling Looks At Their Star Studded Engagement

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BamBam and Teddy A sure know how to do things with style. This was evident during their engagement where they served us all sorts of awesome looks.

Not to be outdone, both Nina and Cee-C were also in attendance and they also looked awesome in their outfits.

Nina BBM


Fans and wellwishers gave their best to the couple. One person’s congratulatory message that caught attention was Alex Unusual who waited a little longer before expressing excitement for BamBam and Teddy A. Teddy A

She eventually did taking to her Instagram to share a photo of the couple dancing with the caption: “Love is a beautiful thing. It’s even more beautiful when you find it, fight for it and keep it. Accepting each other’s flaws, bringing out the best parts of each other, blocking off the world’s thoughts, protecting each other, being patient and signing a deal that’s says forever. bamteddy May this union be covered with the blood of Jesus.”


She wasn’t done though as in a latter post she celebrated the couple with another photo of the two in gorgeous outfits, on this image she said: “One day, the lord said , “turbulence 🌊 you shall encounter but this ship 🛳 must get to it’s destination as I’m the captain 👨‍✈️ if only you promise not to listen to any of the mamiwater🌬 that’s in the ocean, you promise to settle your misunderstandings before it gets out of the ship 💏, you promise to be patient (Bem smiles), you promise to listen (Teddy smiles), you promise not to let go of each other as this ride won’t be easy at all👫.

Bam: Papi, can we go this ?🤔

Teddy: I’ve got you babe. 🤝

Bam: we are ready lord 💪🏽. (And they held onto each other and got to the promised land). love


They have graduated from ship, This is now a beautiful island 🌴. bamteddy bamteddyisland

BamBam and Teddy A BamBam and Teddy A


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