BamBam and Teddy A Are Engaged!

Who says you can’t find love on a reality show. Big Brother Nigeria alumni, Teddy A, and BamBam are now engaged to be married.

The two of them on separate Instagram posts announced the joyous news to the excitement of their many fans.

BamBam engaged

Teddy A captioned his own post, simply writing: “For Life” adding the heart emoji to the mix.

The two have been going steady ever since they left the Big Brother house and through it all, they are now set to be an item for the foreseeable future.

BamBam engaged

The two have been inseparable and have even acted in projects together with “The Gift” being the most recent. In that movie, Teddy A plays an abusive lover while BamBam is the victim.

She said she had to draw on real-life experiences to really play the role.

Trust me, the director usually gives me time to get back because I don’t fake tears. It’s not news that I have been abused before and during this rape case, I felt for Busayo (Timi Dakolo’s wife) and I connected to her page. I just had to connect to a part of me that had experienced pain and every time I have to express that emotion, things are very tight. So everything you will see me do in the movie was very real. I have not been abused in the aspect of a child… I have actually, my maid molested me but it’s not as cheap as what this child went through.” she said.

BamBam also added: “I’ve never had a child before. So, but I just needed to hold on to a few memories here to express the emotions that were expected and it was very real, sometimes, I had to ask for time and with the camera on my face. So, you will see me look emotional.”

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