B-Red Acquires New Property For 120 Million Naira

Adebayo Adeleke otherwise known as B-Red was visibly excited as he announced to fans that he had acquired his first house for a whopping N120 million.

The Musician took to his Instagram to share the news, flaunting the keys to his house and thanking God that he was able to make the purchase.


Great news right? Of course, however, some fans came for him, criticizing B-Red for not showing the house itself.

One follower said: “Great. Missing though is THE PICTURE OF THE ACTUAL HOUSE. If you must floss , floss completely”

Another quipped: “Those Keys Don’t Look Anything Close To 120 Million… They Look Like Ma House Keys In Mbaise.”

It is a little weird that such good news could be met with anything other than support and joy.

B-Red also happens to be the cousin of Davido and the son of Senator Adeleke. This has of course made some look at him as someone riding the coattails of his cousin.

In an interview with the Punch, he revealed that Davido has been a great help to him, stopping him from giving up when he wanted to throw in the towel.

“I am not where I would love to be but I am in a better place compared to where I was five years ago. I started music as Davido’s hype man and I travelled around the world with him. That was how I built my career and I started singing from there.

“Since I worked closely with Davido, I also saw how Davido struggled when he first came into the industry. That gave me the push too. When people were criticising my music, I didn’t argue with them; I just kept working hard. Now, people show me love.” he said.

Well, even without a picture of the house, we say a big congratulations to B-Red.

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