AY Makun Goes on Shopping Spree, Splurges On New Whip for Himself and Bae

AY Makun certainly knows how to live the good life as he gifted his wife, Mabel, and himself new cars.

AY shared a video on Instagram with the cars and captioned it: “Thanks to @pals_auto_sales for bringing the dream to reality.. and also to @iam_emoney1 private port for the VIP shipment clearance. Over to you @midas_interiors. May the good lord bless your on HUSTLE in double portion in Jesus name.Amen. Song title Famous City By Prince Micah”

AY Makun has made the successful transition from comedy to acting and has released a slew of highly successful movies including 30 Days In Atlanta.

His latest venture, a sequel to another of his hits, Merry Men, is set to hit theaters soon and while he’s done quite well for himself, he still believes that funding is Nollywood’s biggest problem.

In an interview earlier this year, AY Makun said that funding is hard to come by for movies. 

“The major challenge is access to funds. We still don’t have access to funds but people who are doing what they are doing in Nollywood now are individuals who strongly believe in moving Nollywood forward and at the same time trying to get involved in the business to make money for themselves,”

He added,  “Access to funding is a major challenge, the more we have people who believe in the industry getting involved in terms of sponsorship, participation and investment, trust me, we would be giving Hollywood a pretty good run for their money. But for now, that is the major challenge but so far so good, if I want to rate Nollywood, I would be doing that from the point of view of the individuals, who are in there doing what they know how to do best. We are there, we are climbing but it can be better.”

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