AY Makun Fiercely Defends His Wife’s Butt

AY Makun

AY Makun will have you know that his wife’s butt is premium product and not one that has come from the artificial overlords or from…some other place.

The comedian was reacting to a troll who insinuated that his wife, Mabel, got a butt job, and not a very good one at that.

AY Makun had put up a video on his Instagram in which he and his wife were dancing to Calvin Harris’ ‘This is what you came for’ and a troll was in the comments wondering why celebrities got butt jobs.

The person said: “This nyash doesn’t even look good … I wonder why they do it ???”

AY Makun was super fast in his response, defending his wife’s integrity saying “No bother yourself. Complete follow come from heaven…. even to Ay and little daughter. Na we go sell give you if you one buy”

Other people in the comments were also in support of AY and they criticized the girl for her choice of words.


There are more and more celebrities who are admitting that they went under the knife. Tonto Dikeh is an example and she has so far been unapologetic about it.

AY Makun has been very active with his followers on Instagram, putting up posts with helpful tips, there was one in particular where he spoke on the difference between wealth and Fame.

His words:

Being famous is mostly mistaken for serious wealth and riches by the people around entertainers. The more reason they always get DMs from fans, or calls from friends and family asking for one assistance or the other on a daily basis.

Popularity is not an accurate measurement of a man’s worth in the face showbiz. Many entertainers are like mannequins who sample your dream lives for your entertainment pleasure. So always look beyond the cars they drive in the movies, the beautiful houses in the music videos, and all the expensive clothes that they put on to give you a perfect television picture. They are 100% human with high maintenance realities that must match what you see on the big screen. WE NEED HELP TOO.
NOTE. The #merrymen are coming back to the cinemas soon.


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