Artiste bags 2 Years In Jail For Defaming Kano State Governor Ganduje

Ganduje singer

A Nigerian singer, Mohammed Yusuf, popularly known as AGY, has bagged a jail sentence after making certain remarks against Kano state Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

The song went viral and caught the attention of the powers that be who then had the singer arrested and charged to court.

The singer was arrested by the police last Monday night and arraigned before Magistrate Court 72.

During the trial which took place two days later, the court revealed that he was charged for releasing a song without the approval of the Kano State Censorship Board, releasing a video without obtaining same approval and defaming the character of the Kano State Governor in the song.

For the first two counts, AGY was sentenced to 6 months each and an option to pay a fine of N50,000 each. For the third one, however, it was a mandatory one year sentence with no option of fine.

AGY had said in the song that Ganduje was blinded by his greed and that he could go so far as to even sell his wife for money.

The governor has been an unpopular figure lately, especially after videos showing him accepting bribes in dollars surfaced.

He has weathered the storm, but has also decreased in popularity amongst the people.

Part of the song went thus: “Kano governor has already turned blind. I swear what you did is hurting us. For lucre, governor is more than a thier. For lucre, governor can sell out his Goggo.”

Speaking on the issue, the National President of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria – PMAN, Pretty Okafor, opined that speaking against the Kano State Governor so openly was probably a bad move and that there is nothing the organization can do for him.

“There is a way you can sing about somebody without mentioning their name and the person will know you’re singing about them. What AGY did was very wrong. It’s defamation of character and PMAN doesn’t support such. He sang it to please his fans but who is inside jail now?,” he said.

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