Ariel Burdett, Former X-Factor Star, Found Dead

Ariel Burdett

Ariel Burdett, a lady who gained infamy after a particularly interesting X-Factor audition has been found dead at the age of 38.

She was found with a stab wound to her neck on the 12th of November.

According to reports, her landlord went to her house on November 4 to check in on her following concerns about her health but was unable to gain access.

8 days later, the landlord came again, this time with a locksmith and had the door opened. She was found dead.

It is believed that she may have taken her own life.

Ariel Burdett was said to have battled some demons, but most remember her for her memorable audition for X-Factor where she had torn off her number and insisted on being seen as a human being rather than a number.

She never made it past the auditions, but in the years since, her audition has lived on.

Now, in death, she has been remembered by fans and well-wishers.

“RIP to queen Ariel Burdett, the eternal holistic vocal coach. She never got past the first audition but she’s been remembered and talked about more than the majority of the acts that have made it to X Factor live shows. This classical composition needs to chart at number 1!” read one comment.

Another person spoke about how underrated she was, “I’ll forever remember Ariel Burdett. A lady who knew exactly who she was: not a number but a human being. A holistical vocal coach/Generalist, not a specialist. The inventor of an academic construction which she shared with the nation. A fashion & vocal icon An angel in heaven x”

May she rest in peace.


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