Ariana Grande Suffers Minor Mishap On Stage

Ariana Grande

Pop star, Ariana Grande took a bit of a tumble while performing on stage thanks in no small part to the ginormous heels she decided to wear.

The singer was strutting her stuff on stage in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday, November 24, when she lost control and fell to her knees.

But in typical Ariana Grande fashion, she somehow made what was potentially an embarrassing moment, look good.

The fall didn’t look half as bad as it sounded and some people even opined that the fall was still ‘on beat’

Ariana isn’t upset though and she responded to a fan who tweeted the video and said she fell on beat, “oh my. at least i still made the button. i’m crying. things were going too well.”

Ariana stans don’t mind for a second that she fell and she has gotten nothing but good vibes.

She took to her Twitter to once more appreciate the fans by saying: “nah i wish i had the words to express how fully and completely i love y’all. i’ll never get over it. fully prepared to cry every show for the remainder of tour. i’ve accepted it. fuck it. love u too much. it’s too moving and special.”

The comments to this were unanimously enthusiastic with many fans expressing their love for Ariana and some talking about how they cried.

One fan said: “from not thinking u will tour at all. to this one almost coming to an end ?? nah i’m a mess. thank u for all u do. for giving us such a safe space. for making this our home. i’m so proud of u. love u more then words”

She sure has loyal fans.


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