Ariana Grande Is Launching A New Perfume Called “Thank You, Next”

Ariana Grande

Thanks to Ariana Grande you can now have a pretty awkward conversation the next time asks you what perfume you’re wearing

Michael Jordan meme

The singer and actress now has a beauty product line which features the name of the popular song which has over 350 million views on YouTube.

The US Trademark and Patent office reported that Ariana Grande filed a trademark on April 2nd for the line of beauty products and fragrances.

Ariana Grande is no stranger to the world of profitable ventures into beauty with her debut fragrance, Ari, selling over $150 million dollars in perfume.

She also has Thank you, Next merch on her site which is available for purchase.

The singer isn’t the only one with a fragrance or beauty range with Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and even Justin Bieber all having fragrances championed by them.

It’s a lucrative business with Forbes estimating that the beauty industry earned a whopping $445 billion in 2017 and that number only set to grow as the years go by, therefore, getting into the beauty game is a smart move for Grande.

Also capitalizing on the popularity of the song Thank You, Next is also an ingenious move, the song and album, which was only released about 2 months ago has been a mega success, hitting Gold and Platinum status before her Sweetener album which was released in August 2018.


The singer is currently on tour for her Sweetener album which is doing pretty well with sold-out shows and rave reviews about her performance. Ariana Grande is one of the top pop stars on the planet and due to her very relatable look, she is almost easy to replicate which makes her appeal even greater.

From her humbled beginnings as a Nickelodeon kid to basically running the world of pop, her meteoric rise is nothing to be sniffed at, we will, however, love to sniff her new perfume.

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