Ariana got paid $8 million for her performance at Coachella

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is really at the top of her game. Her album is topping charts left, right and center, she has her new beauty line out and apparently, she’s the youngest lady to headline Coachella.

How much did she make for headlining Coachella? A cool $8 million. To put that in context, that’s twice what Beyonce got for headlining Coachella last year, a show that has now become a movie on Netflix

According to a report on Business Insider: “Because Beyoncé came in last year and did her thing and kind of set the bar, basically Coachella becomes a competition, which is ridiculous,” Ariana’s production designer LeRoy Bennett told The Hollywood Reporter. “And artists who are strong should just come in and do their own thing and just be who they are. And that’s pretty much what Ariana has done. There’s not like there’s a bunch of gags. She’s being Ariana and singing and doing her thing.”

So when it comes to the music game, it’s almost safe to say Ariana Grande is on top of the pop world.

However, personally she feels depleted emotionally. She made this known on Twitter while interacting with a fan who had opined that she might just want to live life without any negativity and just enjoy things. She said that she just feels somewhat numb.

“i just feel empty and i wanna have more to say / better energy to give to u,” she tweeted, “and rn i don’t have anything. love u.” she typed.

Ariana has had a tough time of things in recent times, recall that her ex-Boyfriend, Mac Miller committed suicide with some fans saying that this was Ariana’s fault, she was also really affected by the Manchester bombing which took place during her concert in England.

We hope Ariana gets back on her feet, she certainly deserves to.

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