Apostle Suleman Mocks Busola Dakolo In Tweet

Apostle Suleman

Controversial Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, whom most people simply call ‘Apostle Suleman’ mocked celebrity photographer Busola Dakolo in a now deleted tweet.

The pastor was conversing with a follower who was in need of funds to go and see his/her ailing mother. The person asked for the sum of five thousand with Pastor Suleman instead electing to send 40 thousand naira with half of that meant for the requester’s mother.

What was weird about the interaction however was the wording with cleric at one point quipping: “I hope you are not a teenager o…before 20 years later you say i Busola you”

The comment was certainly a very clear jab at Mrs Dakolo who has been fighting an uphill battle against society in her quest for justice.

Apostle Suleman Tweet

The Pastor has in the past come under scrutiny after reports alleged that he had carried on with an affair with one Stephenie Otobo. It made national headlines with the lady even sharing screenshots of the Pastor video calling her. She claimed they were in an intense sexual relationship which Suleman denied. Things rumbled on for a bit before, just like the Busola Dakolo case, things died down and now the case is almost all but forgotten.

During this time, Apostle Suleman claimed that Omoyele Sowore, publisher of Sahara reporters, who were very much on Stephenie Otobo’s side, was lying against him, which is why the recent arrest for the former Presidential candidate is one of such interest.

Suleman claimed in a tweet that if he had been in Sowore’s shoes, the Presidential candidate would have made it into a media sensation but that he is instead calling for his release.

He Tweeted: “If I was the one arrested or detained @YeleSowore would had through his website made mince meat of it and even create a debasing story around it..that won’t stop me for calling for his release..the govt Is only making him more relevant by this act..Release him pls.”



It would be interesting to see if Apostle Suleman would directly address the issue regarding Busola Dakolo, but it’s pretty obvious what side he’s on.

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