Anthony Joshua Contemplates Diet Change, Could say Goodbye to Pounded Yam

Anthony Joshua

Some of us are still trying to get over the fact that Anthony Joshua lost to Andy Ruiz last week and even he is beginning to consider a diet change.

Joshua is a huge fan of Nigerian meals, in 2017, he revealed in an interview that he loves nothing more than to chow down on a plate of Eba and Egusi soup, telling Oma Akatugba of Sportsbrand, “My heart is with Nigeria, my heart is with Britain, I’m a Nigerian by blood, yes. Eating eba with egusi is the secret of success”

On his Instagram stories, Anthony Joshua put up pictures of different meals and he captioned it ‘Changing my diet for the rematch’ and in another he said ‘Does this mean no more Pounded yam?’

Anthony Joshua

It’s nice that he still keeps a sense of humor even with the loss which has seen him lose his united belt.

There have been a number of conspiracy theories as to why Joshua lost with many still refusing to believe he could just have lost the match like that.

The most fascinating one is the Drake curse

Drake, award winning, uber popular rapper, has this thing where he takes pictures with sportsmen who then go on to lose and many feared the worst when a photo of Drake and Anthony Joshua surfaced.

Anthony Joshua and Drake

As it turned out, people’s worst fears were realized when Anthony Joshua was knocked out in the 7th round.

Some have also speculated that perhaps he threw the fight after being threatened by the Mexican cartel

Joshua himself has come out to say that the fault lies solely with him as there was no contaminated food or threats.

“There was no contaminated food. I know there’s a lot of accusations or worries about what was wrong with me.” he said

He continued “I warmed up really well. I had no panic attack – I’m not that type of person, you know me. I have to take my loss like a man. No blaming anyone, no blaming anything. I’m the one who went in there to perform and my performance didn’t go to plan.”

We don’t know the truth for sure, but here’s hoping that when next Anthony Joshua takes on Ruiz, he’ll eat the right meals, avoid any Mexican cartel members and STAY AWAY FROM DRAKE!


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