Andrea Kelly Recounts How She Was Attacked By Critics After She Spoke About Her Abusive Marriage With R. kelly


Earlier this year, Andrea the ex-wife of the American singer, R.Kelly spoke on the abusive nature of her ex-husband during an interview with “Good Morning Britain.”

Andrea who was married to R.Kelly for 13years and divorced for 10years alleged that she was abused at the time she was married to the singer.

From the above-mentioned interview where Andrea alleged that “he was abusive to me verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually.” She added that R. Kelly stopped paying child support in 2008. Still, in the interview, she said the singer had two personalities. One was R. kelly, the persona and Robert, the person who she connected more with.

However, Steve Greenbery, R. Kelly’s lawyer was reached after the interview granted by Andrea Kelly, he said the allegations from Andrea on R. Kelly, was fully investigated and found to be untrue.

Recently, Andrea Kelly recounted what she faced from critics.

She recounted how she was shut down by critics who were eager to know why she didn’t speak on her abuse sooner and had to wait so long.

Her response is in line with raising consciousness on home violence which was responded to in an interview with Jenn Lahmers.

She said she didn’t say anything about her abusive marriage with R. Kelly because people would have judged her and thrown blame at her and she wasn’t ready for all that.

She had a change of the heart after she watched the documentary series titled-Surviving R. Kelly. She did so to validate what the accusers said in the documentary.

Some of the allegations that have been levelled against the singer, ranges from Child pornography to Sex trafficking and more.

The R&B singer, R. Kelly is still in the Chicago jail.



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