An Incredible Exposure Of The Rot In The Nigeria Police System By An ‘Undercover’ Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo || Video

Days after the #BBCAfricanEye team exposed two lecturers from UNILAG and the University of Ghana, another journalist took a bold step to expose the bribery and wrongdoings, going on at the Lagos State police station which has been in works since July 2019.

With pictures as proof, Fisayo Soyombo disguised as an offender so as to land himself in prison with bulky hair he maintained for ten(10) months, he was perfect for the job. He got to witness all that happened at the Lagos Ikoyi Police Station and it was unpleasant…He spent two weeks and five days in prison which he used as an advantage to see the mishaps in the system and total disregard to the rule of law. In his interview, he stated that it costs N500 for him to be arrested and N1000 to be roughly handled and thrown into the back of the police van, unknown to them that he is a journalist.

Looking at his facial appearance coupled with his bulky hair he turned to dreads and his unkempt beard, no questions were asked as he was already tagged a criminal. Since it was an investigation, himself and team had to come up with a sellable plan to get him arrested.

However, they planned that Fisayo should be accused of defrauding a car seller who sold to him a car worth N2.8 million in November 2018 but, he was able to pay N300,000 after which he avoided the seller completely because he didn’t want to pay the other part of the money.

Until he was arrested on Monday, July 8, he didn’t have a face-to-face encounter with the seller again. His expectation was cut off when he found himself at the back of the counter for half an hour until the Crime Officer (CO) in the person of Inspector Badmus instructed he be brought to him at the back office where he was mal handled and told to write a statement with what he (Inspector Badmus) wanted.

He added that he was taken to the Divisional Police Officer’s (DPO) office who pronounces people guilty without a chance to hear from them. He said to him “this is one of the many criminals destroying the city, please hold him well”, he yelled!

While all that was going on, the complaint was at the counter, registering the case with the Chigozie, Chigozie Odo he saw there. She rejected the N500 given to her by the complaint and they finally settled for N1000 and she turned to him, saying “ Look at you. Fine boy like you, just look at yourself. Instead, make you go find better work, you dey defraud people. Oya, come here!”

He was stripped from his shirt, singlet, belt, wristwatch, shoes and cash and he was called all sorts of uninteresting names and later bundled into the cell…of course, with fear of the other inmates beating him to stupor and thoughts in his head to bribe them with some cash so they could free him.

Fisayo Soyombo revealed that he saw how some youth were handled and harassed for no good reason, unlawful bail money collected, and many other unlawful behaviours from the police officers which means the system isn’t working!

Watch the video here

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