American Singer, Jason Derulo Is Set To Release His Long Awaited Album Titled “2Sides”

After dropping a series of singles over the last few years Jason Derulo is finally ready to drop a body of work called 2Sides. This will be the super talented International singer’s first project since 2015.

The recent album was first titled “777” but it was changed to “2Sides” which was accompanied with some explanation as to what led to the change by the singer.

He said it took a long time to complete this album and 2Sides means the “Light & Dark Side” of who he is and has in it, multi-faced personalities in the album and as such, re-titling it “2Sides” was best suited for it.


—– F It Up

—– Talk About Us

—– Talk With You

—– Best Friend

—– Be The One

—– Demons Are Forever

He first announced the new album back in 2017 during the Billboard Music Awards.Jason has had four of his songs as number 1 hit songs in the UK. They are;

1.  Don’t Go Home

2.  Talk Dirty

3.   Want To Want Me

4.   In My Head

While this is exciting news to be shared with his fans, Jason has released a couple of singles such as ” Swalla” and “ Too Hot” during the waiting period and made him remain in the faces of his fans.

After 3 years, Jason Derulo will be releasing his new album on the 8th of November 2019.



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