All you need to know about Wurld, Apple Music’s New Artist of the Month


The arena of alternative music in Nigeria is constantly growing and of all the excellent artistes in the genre, Wurld is one of the most prominent.

The singer has been announced as Apple Music’s New Artist of the Month for April.

The Nigerian born singer, who lives in the USA, has released an EP which is available on Apple Music and its called, ‘Love is Contagious’.

The Electro-Fusion artiste has garnered a lot of attention from music aficionados who are drawn to his distinct style of music and his deep, soulful vocals.

In an interview with Pulse which he conducted last year, he disclosed that he had been in the music game for about 7-8 years.

While he is yet to release a full album just yet, some of his singles have been eye (ear?) catching, especially ‘Show you Off’ which was released in 2016.

When Wurld was asked why he went into music and why he went into the genre he went into, he had this to say:”I could not stop myself from going into music, even back in school, I would go to talent shows right after my classes and really just stay involved and learn every day.

“I owed it to my parents to finish college, I have a masters degree as well, I made the transition more into music when I felt I could do it full time.”

He went deeper into what makes up his sound and why he went into the fusion genre

”So the electronic fusion, as a songwriter, I find myself in different rooms working with R&B artists, rappers, so it was really hard for me to do just one genre of music.

“It starts as far back as being a child listening to Fuji music, Juju, Afrobeats, so I was literally taking all these vibes in and so the fusion is just me putting it all together and that for me makes me satisfied.”


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