Alexx Ekubo Under Fire For ‘Indecent Exposure’

Alexx Ekubo

Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo decided to put up a thirst pic which featured him shirtless, doing his best impression of a Calvin Klein ad.

Now there were the usual comments of fan raving over the pic, but, just like with every post where someone exposes a bit of skin, someone had to come and spoil the party and try to give an enlightened speech about the dangers of exposing one’s body.


Alexx Ekubo

He had captioned the post thus: “I’m tired of breaking ladies Heart, from now i want to focus on their Spinal Cords. Sincerely yours – Bouncing Baby Boy”

The commenter in question had opined that a picture of this sort would not bring him a mature or smart woman and that such exposure was displeasing to God.

“This can’t win any mature and decent woman to you. You are not glorifying God by posting the picture of your body for the whole world to see and compliment you. Present your body Holy and acceptable unto God because it your reasonable service.” he had said.

Alexx Ekubo responded with the cheekiest comment you could think of, saying: “Okay Deputy Vice Jesus, Do you have Angel Gabriel’s Whatsapp number?” To which many in the comments applauded.

This is not to say that the commenter was without supporters as there were people in the comments who agreed with his side and took a dim view  to Alexx’s shenanigans.

Like one other commenter who said: “You nailed it. I expected more than this type of madness from you @alexxekubo because you are one of the finest creatures God made on this planet. I know the comment was a joke but the picture, not just fitting for u my dearest. Remain blessed”

Perhaps they are taking it a bit too personal as Alexx is the owner of his body and can surely do what he wants with it as long as he’s hurting nobody…right?

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