Alex Unusual Is One Step Closer To Her Dreams As She Jets Of To New York Film School

Alexandra Asogwa is popularly known as Alex Unusual, was a contestant at the previous edition of the reality TV show, BBNaija who at the time became one of the most talked-about due to her association with fellow contestant, Tobi Bakre, amazing dance moves and her feud with another contestant, Cee-C which they later resolved!

On living the show, she has been busy with money-making activities which have been quite a lot and just recently, she concluded filming with Comedian AY on the second part of the Nollywood movie, Merry Men which is slated for release in December.

Alex has, however, taken to a new path to become not just an actress but a professional one and also to become a filmmaker, as she controlled at the New York Film School which has attracted lots of congratulatory messages from friends, fans and loved ones. She took to her Instagram page on Tuesday to make this confirmation!!!

“Been at it for a while but getting kudos for excellent assignment done just gives me joy all the time!!💃💃 #lifeofastudent

While we are exceptionally happy for her, but we also remember when she was trolled to have dropped out of school before the went for the above-mentioned reality show and when done, she didn’t return to school still!

Yesterday, in one of her insta-stories, she recounted how she never loved the course(Agricultural Science) she was offered in school and always wanted Theatre Act but her parents wouldn’t let her so she dropped out.

Now, she’s pursuing her dreams in the best possible way. Congratulations Alex Unusual!!!

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