Agatha Amata Celebrates Daughter Stephenie As She Graduates

Agatha Amata

Nigerian entrepreneur Agatha Amata was on hand to watch her daughter Stephenie graduate from the University of Arts London.

The ex-wife of Fred Amata was there with her son Ore a to watch her daughter graduate.

Agatha Amata


Agatha Amata and Fred Amata had two kids together before breaking up and going their separate ways and the President, Director’s Guild of Nigeria was nowhere to be seen on the day.

The DGN president did speak on some of the practise of Nigerian cinema houses which he finds unsavory and prohibitive to the growth of Nollywood. Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria, he said:  “some of the cinema houses in Lagos, in trying to get the best of their practices, have come out with rules and regulations that are detrimental to a free and fair level playing field.’’

Agatha Amata

“For instance, some cinema houses said that they would like to be involved in a movie’s scripting and casting before they can be shown in their cinemas.




“However, this is totally beyond their scope and it is a problem that needs to be addressed and tackled.”

Fred Amata also in that same interview talked up the DGN’s role in the growth of the movie industry in Nigeria.

“DGN has been a major influence to the growth and development of practitioners we have today.

“We are planning to celebrate 20 years in a grand style to mark DGN’s contribution to the development of the entertainment sector which would be announce at a later date,” he said.

Fred Amata doesn’t shy away from speaking on public issues involving government also recently speaking about his expectations of the new government, saying: “My expectation from the incoming administration is that it should continue with the infrastructural development, transportation, housing and others as contained in the master plan. One area that particularly touches me which I will like him to look into is the area of estimated billing from energy consumed which has become a means of extorting the public.’’

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