Actress Queen Nwokoye shares Location Photos

Queen Nwokoye

Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye, gave us some Wednesday goodness when she put up a couple of photos on her Instagram.

The shots were of her on location as she posed for a number of selfies with colleagues.

She captioned the photos: “A little fun wont hurt anyone….morning morning everyone @fflashboyy @joyhelens14

Queen Nwokoye

It is unclear just what movie set she is on currently, but it looks like she’s having a tonne of fun.

Queen Nwokoye was also part of the cast for the controversial movie ‘Bobrisky in Love’ which is currently being allegedly blocked for being ‘against Nigerian laws’

This is the stance of the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board whose Executive Director, Adebayo Thomas, in an interview with Premium Times, said: “I am not aware of any film titled Bobrisky currently being analysed and classified by the board. Such a film can’t even make it (from) our office because it is against the Nigerian laws.

“And if the film eventually is being sold in the open markets it would be considered illegal because we have not classified or approved it. The issue has nothing to do with the individual, Bobrisky, but the contents of the film, and the Nigerian law does not permit the promotion of homosexual acts of any kinds even in the media.”

Queen Nwokoye is a generally well liked actress who barely has any drama. She welcomed a child with her husband last year and in a 2016 interview preached the dangers of living a ‘fake life’ and how it led to many celebrities crashing and burning.

Queen Nwokoye

“Some people think we get paid 10 million for acting; so a lot of times, actors want to live up to false expectations from their fans and that is how they get into trouble.

“As far as I am concerned, if you are paid in Nigeria and you want a Gucci bag and you convert your Naira to dollars to go and buy it because Kim Kardashian is carrying it, it doesn’t make sense because she earns dollars.” she said.

Queen Nwokoye

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