Actress Ify Onwuemene Revealed As Cancer Patient Who Wishes To See Davido

Ify Enwuemene

As it turns out rather sadly, it has been revealed that the woman in the viral video of a cancer patient who wished to see Davido, is none other than Ify Onwuemene.

The actress who was most popular for her role in the hit show ‘Everyday People’ has been down with cancer for quite a while and has been soliciting for help.

In an earlier report, we stated that the cancer has been so severe that the actress has had to have her womb removed and buckets of fluid drained from her tummy.

The person who revealed her identity was actress, Grace Ama, who took to her Instagram to share the video, reveal her identity and then solicit for help.

She said in her post: “This is Aunty IFY ONWUEMENE of Every People Tv Series ?? You shall not die but live to testify of God’s Excess Love, AMEN. #CancerTooSmallForGodToCure…. Please let’s help get her contact”

She then went on to repost Davido’s caption where he asked for help in finding her so he could help her out.

It’s rather unfortunate that very few people were even able to recognize that it was her in that video and it shows just how bad the cancer has gotten that it has reduced her to such a state.

Again, the case of Ify Onwuemene has brought to the fore the sad state of affairs for a lot of our film and stage veterans with many of them suffering debilitating illnesses and hardly ever getting the help they need. Eventually thoughts and prayers are offered but rarely is tangible help given.

It is an indictment on society and the infrastructure in place to take care of the icons who have entertained, educated and inspired us over the years.

Here’s hoping that Ify Onwuemene gets all the help she needs.

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