Actor Emeka Enyiocha Sends Memo To Special Advisers To Mind Their Business

Before the inception of social media, bullies taunted their victims in person. The victims were usually smaller than their bullies in size and strength, but today, children, teens, young adults and adults have access to phones, computers, tablets and other devices that connect them to their social media platforms 24/7. This constant access has created a new realm for bullies known as cyber-bullying, causing victims to experience depression, anger, humiliation and even suicidal thoughts.

In a bid to tackle the menace caused by these cyber-bullies on his social media pages, Nollywood actor, Emeka Enyiocha – has sent a memo to the “special advisers” on his Instagram page to mind their business and rather start thinking of ways to improve their lives.

In his words;

Na Wa oh..I don’t know why any right thinking person,that has his/her brains intact would come to my PAGE to tell me the kind of phones I should use to snap my pix & some idiots without brains also follow to advice me on what to be wearing as a STAR OR CELEBRITY as they put it…Hahahaha.

Finally, I have now confirmed that some people are Brainless..
Well,let me advice…This is my PAGE, I do whatever I want to do,pls mind ur BUSINESS special advisers.

Pls to my true friends wey get beta sense, I wish all of una a wonderful Sunday. pls always be ur self don’t let low life’s bring u down to there level.
As they go LOW, We remain HIGH.
Its a good day.

Apparently, social media trolls had been on the comment section of his IG page advising him to change the phone with which he takes pictures.

What do you think of Emeka’s memo? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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