A Brief History Of Drake And His Obsession With Sade

Drake and Sade

Drake really, really likes Sade Adu and it’s cute, but also kinda weird. The rapper has two tattoos of the legendary singer on his body.

The first was done by Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg which he displayed on his Instagram page to the shock of many.


There was then the second one which even caused more of an eyebrow raise and this one was done by Belgian tattoo artist Inal Bersekov in 2017 which was also posted on his Instagram.

This second one however didn’t please some of Drake’s fans who didn’t like the idea of Drake getting another tattoo.

The love for Sade had been there for a while. As far back as 2010, Drake had tried to get the Nigerian-British singer to collaborate with him on his ‘Thank me Later’ album. She rejected him, and in an interview he stated that he understood her reasoning for doing so.

Again in 2010, Drake had hoped that he would be able to collaborate with Sade on her ‘The Moon and the Sky’ remix but on that occasion, she had decided to go with Jay-Z instead. He spoke about the miss on “Cal Cast,” a podcast hosted by John Calipari and there he said; “I was this closing to being on it,” he said about his “Sade moment,” “but my star wasn’t there yet for her to hear me out.”

They have since then become fast friends with the legendary singer showing up at Drake’s concert in 2017 where they shared an iconic photo. There was also the one with both his mother and Sade which the Canadian rapper captioned: “Two very important ladies in my life”

It’s certainly cute and while we aren’t exactly sure why Drake is obsessed with Sade, we sure as hell find it heartwarming…if a little weird.



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