2-Year-Old Lion Discovered As Security Guard In Lagos

Lion in Lagos

There’s the funny slang that has been going around recently– ‘Wetin Musa no go see for gate’– It seems that ‘Musa’ in this particular context is a 2-year-old lion.

The Lion, purportedly owned by an unidentified Indian, was sighted acting as the security guard of a residential house in Lagos.

Lion in Lagos

Chairman of Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences Yinka Egbeyemi. confirmed the story and even gave the address of the house, No 229 Muri Okunola Street Victoria Island.

Members of police force are trying to have the animal relocated and the Indian in question has been invited to the Police station.

Lion in Lagos

The story of course caused quite a ruckus on social media with people unsure of what to make of it.

Lion in Lagos

One user said: “An Indian man is using a 2years old Lion as security guard in somewhere around Victoria Island, Lagos state. Is this legal? Can a Nigerian try this nonsense in India? Why do we allow these foreigners get away with everything?”

“An Indian in V.I may be prosecuted by Lagos for keeping a Lion in his house. Neighbors alerted the authorities when they started hearing roars of the Lion. Question how did a Lion enter into VI without those same authorities knowing? How will they get the Lion out of the house?”

Another user claimed that there are more Lions in Lagos than many people know, “There’r more Lions 🦁 in the homes of individuals in Nigeria than many people think. At least i know of one rich Nigerian dude who owned 2 in his luxurious mansion at Park View estate back in the days when i lived in Ikoyi.

“Whether the Lions are still there i don’t know! #Lagos”


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