15 Years Later, First Ever Winner of BBNaija, Katung Aduwak Is Thanking God For His life After Surviving A Fatal Car Crash

A thankful heart is a happy heart and having a thankful heart can be the difference between success and failure when we find ourselves in situations that are less than desirable. Whatever the case may be we know that life can deliver some twists and turns that can certainly throw us for a loop or knock us off our feet. When that happens we are left with two primary choices, either we make it through them or we give up. When they are little things it is easier to get through them, but having a thankful heart will help whether they are big or small.

For BBNaija’s first ever winner, Katung Aduwak, being alive 15 years after life delivered some twists and turns at his doorstep is something he is thankful for. In what seemed like a testimony to his followers on Instagram, Katung shared a series of pictures from the car crash he survived 15 years ago that left one of the car’s occupants critically injured and the other – dead.

In his words, he wrote;

15 years ago today I was driving this car with 2 other young women. 1 made it out of the car, the other made it out of this world. I’m thankful for being here after 2 brain surgeries, broken ribs, cracked C5 & C6,broken jaw in 2 places, coma for days, menieval jacket, complete rehabilitation, now we here to effect as much change as possible. I’m making my mark, R U???‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


Congratulations Katung! Keep making and leaving your mark champ.

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