10 Things You Should Know About Nollywood actress, Somkele Idhalama

If you do not know Somkele Idhalama, where have you been? The actress has been in some of the best movies of the past decade.

Idhalama gained worldwide recognition for her role in 93 days, but she was also in the Wedding Party, The Department and more recently, A Soldier’s Story.

Somkele Idhalama

Here are 10 things you should definitely know about Somkele Iyamah Idhalama.

    • She was born in Ika South Area of Delta State and is the daughter of Andrew and Onyi Iyamah and is the 3rd child.
    • She attended Chrisland and Grange schools. She also revealed that she schooled in Canada: “I attended Chrisland and Grange schools. I moved to Lifeforte School in grade 10 and I completed grade 12 at Columbia International College, Canada. I studied Biochemistry at McMaster University, Canada.”Somkele Idhalama
    • Her first movie role was actually a pretty small one in a movie called Dream Walker alongside Alex Ekubo.
    • She considers her mother, Onyi Iyamah, as her biggest role model. She lost her father at a young age
    • She a huge fashionista and even manages a brand, Andrea Iyamah, founded by younger sister Dumebi Iyamah. According to her: “Fashion is a form of self-expression for me and a huge turn-off are visible underwear lines.”Somkele Idhalama
    • Somkele Iyamah is happily married and although the relationship is long distance, the two are happy and they even welcomed a baby boy in 2014
    • As for relaxation, the actress says that she exercises, “cook and fill my mind with the philosophies of my world in reference to the Bible”
    • She first came into acting thanks to a drama teacher back in school. “My drama teacher in primary school, Mrs. Abe, ignited that spark. She never took no for an answer and once she saw that you could deliver, she would get it out of you. I loved the fact that she also taught drama with a Christian influence”
    • The actress who is famous for her amazing hair has had it on for 5 years and claims that it is 100% natural. “I didn’t know what my natural hair looked like. It was just… try something new. I have been natural for 5 years.”Somkele Idhalama
    • She is a very private person and that’s evident as a cursory search for her doesn’t turn up much. She cherishes her privacy especially regarding her family and she states that she tries to limit time strangers spend with her son.

So there you have it, 10 facts you absolutely need to know about Somkele Idhalama. She’s a queen and we can’t wait for what she has next.

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