10 Essential Black Punk Bands You Have To Check Out


Punk rock is a sub-genre that is highly popular all over the world. From bands like Paramore to Panic at the Disco to older bands like The Ramones and so on, it has always been an integral part of our lives. But do you know that there are Black Punk bands too? 

The most popular ones that paved the way like Bad Brains and Poly Styrene can be found on this list 

But below are some of the other ones from the USA, UK, Mozambique, Brazil and so on that you really need to listen to.


Meet Me @ The Altar (USA)

Kicking things off from the United States is Meet Me @ The Altar and with the ‘@’ in their name you know that they are a more recent creation. Coming into being in 2015, Meet me  @ The Altar (MM@TA) were influenced by the Hayley Williams-led ‘Paramore’ and have now garnered a fanbase of their own. They released an EP, Bigger Than Us, this year 

Big Joanie (UK)

Formed in 2013, Big Joanie hail from the UK and they are currently under their own label, Sistah Punk Records.

They consist of Stephanie, Kiera and Chardine. According to them, they aim to make kick-ass punk music for their audience of black listeners and represent them properly. 

Big Joanie live up to their name as a punk band as they constantly take a stand against racism and misogyny. They have a new single called ‘Crooked’

TCIYF (South Africa)

TCIYF is an acronym that is pretty NSFW…alright, here, i’ll whisper the meaning to you ‘The Cum In Your Face’. They are a South African Band from Soweto who perform some hard hitting music 

The members of the band (4) are part of a greater skate collective called ‘Skate Soweto Society’. True to their Punk nature, the band was formed as a kick against the mainstream genres in South Africa such as hip-hop or kwaito, which they didn’t find to be properly representative of them. 

Like the Sex Pistols before them, TCIYF play some gigs completely bushed and wasted. They are anti-religion as their music video ‘Church Wine’ shows. They are yet to release a debut album

Danny Denial (USA)

With the release of Deathheads USA, Danny Denial was shot to the forefront of the entertainment scene. This was so due to the graphic nature of one of the music videos from the Dead like Me EP, where band members were kidnapped and tortured by Whites. This brought the topic of race in the Punk scene back to the national conversation. “Am I Cool Enough For You Love,” is the latest single from the artiste which dropped in 2019.

Maafa (Brazil) 

Maafa is a punk band hailing from good ol Brazil which consists of 6 members and their music is a fusion of hardcore and more traditional African rhythms. The band’s name comes from a kiswahili terms which can be loosely translated to African Holocaust, Holocaust of Enslavement, or Black Holocaust. They released a demo in 2017 that’s eponymous..

Pleasure Venom (USA)

Audrey Campbell leads this 5-piece band that hails from Austin, Texas. Pleasure Venom sing about topics that others are afraid to touch such as  politics, racism, sexism faced by blacks on a daily basis. Not to be stuck on the serious, they can be just as playful singing about other topics like everyday life and finding joy in being oneself. 

Crystal Axis (Kenya)

Crystal Axis have the distinct honour of being one of Kenya’s first punk bands, they formed in Nairobi in 2009 and were made up of teenagers at the time. They released an EP State of Unease in 2012 after which they have not been heard from again. They did leave quite the impression with their music which was dark and full of energy. They were great representatives of Punk as they mixed and mastered their own songs and made their own videos.

Rebelmatic (USA)

With a name like Rebelmatic, you can be sure that this is a band that embodies the spirit of punk. They come from New York and they list Public Enemy, Black Sabbath, The Deftones and Bad Brains, as some of their inspiration. Their music is a mix punk, hardcore and hip-hop music. Their latest EP, Eat the Monster, was released in 2017


Mona (Mozambique)

Mona is a hermit band. Little is known about the Mozambique band, but we do know that they are made up of drummer Goro, singer and bass player Mel Vicious and Monace, the group’s female guitarist. They perform in English and Portuguese and they sing about the problems that Mozambique faces as a nation. With a punk scene as small as theirs, Mona had to create a record label to promote artistes including bands like White Monkeys.


Black Pantera (Brazil)

Not to be confused with classic band Pantera, Black Pantera came together in 2014 from Uberaba, Brazil. The trio are made up of  Charles, Chaene and Rodrigo, the drummer, who dons a mask for their performances and photos. Black Pantera released their eponymous album in 2014 and they perform what you can call a mix of thrash metal with hardcore music and punk.


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